i randomly picked up The War for Gloria by Atticus Lish at the library last week and just latched onto it for a few days. i love when books read like an upper and you keep chasing the hi.

War for Gloria takes place during the millennial childhood i think ie the 90s-00s, but Lish's perspective is like a boomer's by virtue of his distance from the internet, like hearing your dad tell you about his traumatic growing up his terminal mom his psychopath dad and having a crisis in terms of masculine role models that can come through for you, and you keep thinking how he's talking about incels and men who've gone rotten from toxic masculinity™ which you've understood via the chaos of the internet over much personal experience... my hunch is that Lish heard about Elliott Rodgers or something and recognized him from a past iteration of hating women and people and killing them. it's just funny that this very offline blue collar book manages to make a critique of like 4chan discourse lol.

this stuff mentioned, however, is the little dregs of a storyline that Lish ultimately cut. Which is sad because I'm interested in it. but I also get it because the other 3/4 of the book (composed: 1/4 the protagonist Corey caring for his mom w ALS, 1/4 Corey searching for work and then working, and 1/4 Corey's hobbies like hanging with friends or competitive fighting) is much much better.

it's a perfect little tragedy. i cried two times, both involving Corey's mom Gloria. she's a good mom trying hard only for her body to wither to death. i thought of Manchester by the Sea since it was also ~Boston blue collar boys dealt tremendous violence just because. i am morbid and the horrible suffering got me libidinally satisfied.